Is this IB? No pic.

MeLissa • Army wife 12/13/14. Not trying, not preventing. Waiting until after college to continue trying for our first!! Just living life to the fullest! 😍👗🌇

Okay, so my husband and I have recently started taking FertilAid. I have heard that it messes up your cycle when you're regular and regulates it if you're irregular. Well, I'm the latter.

Now, moving on! Today, my husband and I did the deed this morning and hour later I started spotting for 2 hours. I had my period on Aug 11th so I don't think that could possibly be it! Also, I should note that I haven't gotten a positive ovulation test, but I also didn't start tracking until a week after my peiod ended. Could this possibly be IB? Or the sex? Or the pills? I don't know, I'm so confused. 😥