Insensitive infertility coworker!

So here's the thing. Last summer I was very emotional with my Femara and what not, so I told my coworkers so they'd known I wasn't  just a psycho. Well one of my coworkers mentioned she too didn't get a period and couldn't get pregnant but her dr wouldn't help her. We talked about how hard it was with other people  getting pregnant, our deep desire etx. Well come to find out a few months later when we both were trying to loose weight she says "I really don't want to loose a lot because then I'll start getting a period every month again like I used too" I got really hurt. Feeling like she's been lying. You have no idea what I go through with meds etc when all you have to do is loose 20lbs!! Well any time she brings it up I just kinda ignore it. Today however another coworker asked me how I was doing, what does she do, jumps in and starts talking about how she can't have kids and it's too stressful to try and she'll never be a mom.. Blah blah. I know I'm being mildly insensitive but it's so hard when YOU KNOW WHATS wrong!!!! And no was asking you,  someone was asking how I was handling everything, which we know can be a rarity when going through this. She just can't not be the center. UGH! 
Thanks for listening. Baby dust to all! ✨👶✨