No Alcohol No Patience

Jasmine • Mother of 3 😥 Baby Rose 4/16 🐣 Fiancee of B.Rose 👑 2017 Bachelors CJ Forensics 📚
My manners towards my fiancée is ridiculous as I head further towards this pregnancy and I'm trying to control them but the way I say stuff people take offensive and I don't mean it that way. My morning sickness is horrible I don't want to eat any meat or seafood it has a bad smell and aroma that makes me gag, one day he was cooking and I told him it smelled bad and it made him feel unease but I also told him that a lot if stuff is starting to smell awful to me. I don't want to be a pain in the butt and have him counting down the days I am back to normal I want us both to enjoy this process. Everyday I trying to find something to keep me calm and not hot tempered and the only thing that kept me sane before the pregnancy was either a Margarita or Long island ice tea and that's out the picture now......What can I do