Dreadful news: blighted ovum/miscarriage

We've been trying to conceive for 7 years now and this is our first positive pregnancy after on miscarriage back in 2009. We learned to live the disappointment of not getting pregnant on monthly basis . We recovered from that too....every month, and keep believing that it will happen one day. When It did happen,  It was the most amazing news I could find and the blessing of a lifetime.  I felt like I finally overcome the seven years of curse and I am not   forsaken by God.
I lived every second of pregnancy with joy and celebration.... but how short this lasted. Exactly 9 weeks and 3 days. 
Than told the  dreadful reality ... a hallucinating fact.   I'm only kind of pregnant ...just sort of pregnant. I have to  pay for the joy of finally getting pregnant though tears and blood...though the anguish and pain of waiting to lose this pregnancy....is just nonsense ...surreal pain and sorrow for something I have but I don't have...for something that I was given  yet stolen in the most cruel way.
The first and second ultrasound showed only a gestational sac. (at 5 and 6 weeks). Tuesday I had another ultrasound  and My OBGYN told me that it is a brighten ovum. This Dream  is All OVER! If I don't have miscarriage on my own I'll have to get meds for it!. How do I stay strong? How can I recover from it ? ..Would I ever be able to believe and hope that I can be a mother?