Problems with the SO

So, our debit card information along with credit card info got stolen out of his wallet... just the information, not the cards.

I caught it yesterday when there was a $70 charge for shoes on our bank statement, and then I went on to find other things.

The credit card that was stolen had gotten paid off and hasn't been used in months... except for these fraudulent charges.

Anyways, it is really suspicious, and I brought up my concerns in a very calm manner. I didn't yell or accuse, but rather expressed my concerns. He agreed, it does all look suspicious.

Then this morning he got so mad at me for no reason, and, on his way to work he informed me "I have resigned myself to having a shitty life with you."

I'm 12w2d pregnant, and so distraught. I'm working on leaving, and I am just so scared and hurt. He has wanted to leave before, but never did. Instead, he just went behind my back doing things I asked him not to just to hurt me.

I think I am done. I deserve better, and, clearly, he needs someone else. I just want encouragement.