Has anyone in this group had an incompetent cervix while carrying twins or multiples? They don't do cerclage or progesterone with twins. A cerclage may actually do more harm than good and isn't proven effective with multiples. The dose of progesterone has also been proven to not be very effective and there's been no studies (that I can find) where they've bumped up the dose of progesterone for ppl having multiples. I'm in the normal range at 21 weeks (3cm), but there is funneling which I've been told that newer studies suggest that not be taken into account as a predictor for PTL. My MFM has me coming back in three weeks and hopefully all will be the same. If not the only recourse I have is to put in place a pessary. They're new and not a lot of hospitals use them, but they come with no known risks and in clinical trials, performed overseas, have shown promise to help keep that sucker closed and those babies in for people carrying multiples. Have any of you ladies suffered a shortened cervix while carrying twins? What was done and was it successful? Has anyone had a pessary put in place? Thanks.