Has anyone else experienced cervical funneling? I was cramping all last week with Wednesday night having extreme pain, I thought it was just gas pain and causes by my extreme constipation during the week. I work for my OBGYN so when I went into work on Thursday morning I mentioned it to him he did a cervix check and had me do an ultrasound and they saw some cervical funneling. He told me to avoid lifting and sexual intercourse. When I went into work on Friday he pulls me aside tells me to do another ultrasound, but make sure I do it before I eat anything else just incase he needed to bring me to the operating room and put a stitch in
My cervix. There was no change on Fridays ultrasound and he told me to take it easy over the weekend and repeat the ultrasound next week. Now I'm very nervous and still having some cramping. Anyone else had any cervical funneling that did or didn't result in a cerglage (cervical stitch).