Was I wrong?

Okay, so my grandpa (mom's side) passed away when she was 18. I was born 3 years later so I never met him but I was named after him...his name was Jack and they called him "Jackie" for a nickname and that's my name. He meant a lot to my family and it makes me sad that I never met him. He passed away on October 27th 1988 so he passed on the 27th and this will be the 27th anniversary of his death. I'm due with my first little boy on November 14th but I delivered my girls 2-3 weeks early. It will also be a full moon on October 27th and both of my girls were coincidentally born on nights of full moons. I keep thinking my baby boy will come on the anniversary of my grandpa's passing and somehow that brings me comfort and makes me feel as though he's with me even though I never had the privilege of meeting him. Well, I brought this up to my mom and her response caught me off guard. She was very short and cold with me and said it was a "morbid thought" to think he'd come on the anniversary of his passing. Was I wrong? I truly don't know. I feel like I had good intentions but I guess I could see where it would not be okay to say that now after the fact. Her reaction really hurt me though :/ 

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