Am I too far!?

I'm dating this great guy and things are going well. The only negative is that he claims I live too far away from him to come to my house (we've met up and gone on dates and I've been to his place a few times). I'm only like about 25 minutes from him. I dated a guy before that lived in a different city but he managed to get to me and I to him so I'm thinking that maybe he's just not that into me if a 25 minute drive is too far to see someone you like. I'm seriously thinking about ending it. I don't want to, but I feel like I'm not worth. So Glow friends, should I stick it out and see if he comes around (YES), or should I continue on with my life and find someone who IS willing to drive "the extra mile" for me (NO). Ha. Maybe I should just straight up tell him (BYE FELICIA!!!). Help me out ladies and gentlemen!! It would be nice to have a guys perspective on this. Thanks everyone!!

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