I feel like something is wrong

I've been getting so angry lately at like everything and now I'm worried that the stress has hurt my baby. I'm 15+2 weeks and I was feeing some movements around 13 weeks but now I'm not at all. No flutters or anything. I miscarried this past April and now I'm super nervous that something is wrong. I may just be over worrying like my husband has constantly said to me but there is still that little part of my mind that can't get over my last miscarriage. When I miscarried in April I didn't miscarry until around 9 weeks but the baby stopped growing at 4-5 weeks. I didn't have any pain, cramping or bleeding until I started to actually miscarry at about 8+4 weeks but I had pregnancy symptoms up until like week 8. I'm just terrified that will happen again and I won't know it until I go to the doctors in like 2 weeks. I'm just paranoid. Is anyone else very nervous about going to their next doctors appointment because they think something is wrong?