Ok so I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months. I love him with my whole heart. We now live together. I have this guy friend I kik when I'm at work. I work nights and so does he. He has a gf and they have been together for 2 years. The other day he was telling me they were having problems. He told me why and eventually it went to I wish I could come see u bc I need a hug and I'm like whoa slow down. Today he wanted to bring me pain medicine bc I have a headache and I'm T work. He's fun to talk to but Idk if maybe I'm overthrowing bc I don't want anything coming between me and my boyfriend or maybe these r signs he's interested. I throw out there as much as I can that I have a boyfriend, I love him and I live with him. I just feel like hes being to nice to me. Just give me some thoughts yall have. If I have to I will quit talking to him. I haven't told me boyfriend yet but I have every message ever sent between us so if he wants to see he can. I have nothing to hide.