Sakecat • Hi! 2nd baby. Im 29. I already have an 8yr old boy! Although life has changed a lot; I'm just as excited & worried!
I'm on Wellbutrin. Been on it for years now.  My first pregnancy I had been on lexepro and When I found out I was pregnant I stopped it the whole pregnancy and went back on after. It was hard (for me) mentally/ emotionally being off the Meds but I was told lexepro wasn't good for the baby. 
Few years after I was switched to Wellbutrin.  It really helps, this is my second pregnancy ...but I worry about there being any effects of the Wellbutrin on my baby.  I've heard both sides argued regarding antidepressants... Has anyone else gone through pregnancy on antidepressants and had no harmful effects on the baby? I'm sure I'm not the only woman in the world on antidepressant...