Andrew Joseph (AJ) has made his debut!

I welcomed my 4th child at 8:47 am today, 9/13/15, my 3rd VBAC! He was the tiniest of all 4 of my angels and still weighed in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces!  My water broke at home at 9pm last night, 9/12. We rushed to the hospital as one of my daughters was born 75 minutes after my water breaking and we are 60 minutes away! This time, however, we had plenty of time to spare! I experienced severe back labor which I had never had before! OUCH! At 6am, I was still only a 4, completely exhausted from walking all night, and feeling a little discouraged. My midwife suggested starting pitocin which we did at 745. By 815 I was begging her to turn it off. At 830 I was fully dilated and ready to push, which was a much better option than the labor back pains!  A few pushes later, out comes my 4th little angel love: Andrew Joseph!! AJ 💙🐸💙.  He went by Hopper all pregnancy so I am having a hard time switching to calling him Andrew or AJ!