So my wedding was supposed to be last night and my fiancé left me at 2in the morning ... I'm 6 weeks pregnant. And my fiancé has decided to tell me about 14 hours before our wedding... He didn't want to marry me,he left to go to his mommas condo... So I packed my stuff and me and my girls left, and he knew I left and he texted my friends asking to hang out with them tomorrow... Oh and did I mention... He told me he didn't care about me or the baby. Ha so what should I do!? 😂😂😂 I'm literally so hormonal and distraught I'm laughing at the situation.... I've left him alone for two days and he will not get in touch with me, however his mother has no problem texting me telling me to send HER pictures of ultrasounds and what the doctor says... Idk what to do