Feeling upset and have questions

I had missed my period for 3 days and I thought I might be pregnant, which I was getting excited but I woke up this morning and I had my period. This is very sad for me I want so bad to give my boyfriend a child. I have a child from a previous relationship but am ready to have more kids. I love my bf very much and he makes me happy however I feel that I want to have sex with him more than he does with me. I understand that because he has a labor job he comes home tired and he works at night and I do during the day so our schedules are different but my question is should I feel like he don't want to be intimate with me? Sometimes I think he masturbates, which I know is a normal guy thing but I'm starting to feel he rather do that then have sex with me. ......am I being paranoid? Thank you in advance for your help with this! ☺