LDR rocks! I badly need you GLOW friends...tnx


I had 9 mos ldr relationship, supposed to be 10mos last 10th. We are madly in love to each other even we are in million miles away apart, we had so much! We had everything in part of relationship, we both planned the meet ups, and I kept refusing the proposal because nobody's in my family knows about us unlike to his families are all aware about us except his father and they helped planning for our settlement, for the BER mos this year supposedly. Since he really wanted to inform my family about us so that we can be completely free to do everything we want and we like and to accept the engagement ring, to get married, be free to our family, he did a moves! He talked my family and asked my hand and blessings through social media using my private account because they are all in abroad. Then they are all shocked since I didn't shared any even a little about us, because he used my private account so they are all asking about what's happening? Then he explained everything especially about us and then my siblings like not in favor to us! A big NO.. THEN I broke up him for the sake of my family because they asked me to choose so I decided abruptly and obeyed them. After a days since we still shared our accounts so someone who did something to my account that made me fall to the ground and everybody was shocked and my family hated me so much and didn't talked me anymore for disappointments! He was always with me and he never give up, that's why he did EVERYTHING whether it's good or bad just to win me but since I want my family back I sacrificed him to let me go because I really don't know what to do at that time. From first month to 9 months we faced so much! He committed suicide many times and he was failed from some subject because of me and he did so much for our future, he planned everything. Everything for us was well-planned. A little background about him, he graduated by the course of comp.engg last 3mos ago then he started working abruptly for us even he was fully supported by his parents. And he was always monitoring me 24/7. Location must be always turned on, whatever or wherever you go he must be informed and he must know every detail. My attention should be always for him after my work,sleep and etc...once I was free it should be all for him. All the people I was talking and whom I'm with, he must know and sometimes he doesn't want me to go out during weekend to meet my friends,best friends. He had an accessed every detail of me, especially my phone, he can see everything in my phone through apps. He can check everything he want to see. That's why every single detail in my inbox and missed calls and everything was asked then all must be explained even no need to explain. Every little things must be discuss. And etc.. more and more! Then from the last time we talked he said he can and he will wait if that's what I want or my family wants even though i already know about from my family. I think you guys already know the reaction as a family when it comes to this. But he never gave up, he took all the risk for us. He really loves me.

My question now is what's the best thing I SHOULD or I CAN DO??? Do you think is he really a good man??? Or what can you say or can describe about him??? What can you say about me too? I admit i can't forget him like every seconds and every minutes he was in my mind, especially when im not busy and i forget and forgive everything for all the bad he did to me because I love him! Yes I still Do! and he really do! We have still a way to communicate but we are not talking, we only just attempting like typing but we didn't send it, only to feel that we are there, sometimes through statuses in gmail & whatsapp only and we both know that because it's visible. One more thing! one of the reasons why i choose to leave him because i cannot do one of what he wants to have SEX in Skype since he will wait, so the time was extended but we did only in phone and it's okay with me. but in skype? I cant! I just can't do that. Just for the info..I'm still V 😂

Now... I badly need your empower words GLOW friends to enlighten me, at least.. Any positive or negative comments will be appreciated & it will be a big help for my fast recovery from heartache & Then if u ask anything then your question will be answered graciously.

thanks for reading..

thank you so much! 💔😥 God bless