Just recieved a call from the doctor's office!


My old acquaintance from high school works at this dr office and she told me my blood work came in and everything was perfectly fine!!!(( Yay! ))She then asked if I wanted to know what I was having. I was so excited. Yes, yes!!!!!!! I said I was hoping to have a girl. She burst my bubble and said I was having a little boy.

I wasn't expecting to find out my babys gender until October.

And now, I'm lost about it lol. My grandma called her bloodwork lab and asked if a woman can find out her babys gender through blood tests and 3 different woman told her no, Absolutely not. When I asked my doctor at my appointment two weeks ago, is there any way to find out the babys gender early?! He even told me no. You'll have to wait until 20 weeks and I'm sure the doctor would have told me about finding out through blood tests if that were the case, right??!!?

Then I get on this app and woman are constantly posting about finding out their babys gender through blood tests.

I'm cried in disappointment, but I feel better after talking to my grandma about it. I will wait until October to be 100% sure.

Any thoughts?