Need help!!!

So I've been at this job and I like it but everyone treats me like shit, they do shady shit there, nothing is ever done by the policies, they won't give me the days and hours I need, and everyone quits with only being there 2 months or less. And I have to commute to get there and back home. All together it's about 30-40 miles a day/ and hour of driving a day, and I hate driving at night.

The other "new" job is a totally different place. They'll give me the hours I need, and days, and I get every weekend off (my husband's only off on weekends/ we'd have time to be together) it's easy work, but I dunno if I'll like it, my husband supports it either way, but the only thing is I'll be working with my brother and his fiancé would be my manager. My Bros kinda controlling and OCD. But so am i. But I want a change but don't know what to do. HELP.

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