I'm not one to get stressed easily. I'm always the one to stay positive and remind people to have faith. Today I'm so stressed I can't stop crying. This morning I found out I'm only getting $600 for my entire 12 week maternity leave. I immediately went to my job to ask if I could start back next week...3 weeks earlier than planned. Our lease on our house ends October 3rd. We had an apartment lined up but they declined us due to our credit and low income and waited a couple weeks to tell us. We went apartment hunting today. The first place we looked was very dark, creepy, smelled like mildew and told us we don't make enough to live there. The second place had cockroaches running around the models. The third place told us we make too much. (How is it possible to not make enough for some places and too much for others?) The fourth was a very bad part of town and I would be nervous getting home alone with the baby. I feel like we might just have to settle and hope for the best. I'm just so disappointed in everything.