Need to vent

I'm 27+5 weeks pregnant and my husband is really a lazy person at heart. He will get out of anything in any way that he can. I spent the day dragging heavy furniture around our house so that we can fit the baby crib and dresser in our bedroom without it being too cramped. I stopped when I had to make dinner. He came home, ate, put a movie in (and of course our daughter stayed up past her bedtime but who cares right?) And then walked into the bedroom and asked me if I was going to move everything out of the way for when we went to bed. I said yeah I will, I still have lots to do and move around. He responded with "oh ok cool". I then added "oh I do need help with moving some of this though" to which he responds with "what! It's and ready 9pm! And you want me to help!? "

So it's perfectly fine for me to move everything by myself for the baby after putting our 3 year old to bed, but it's crazy for him to be asked to help. He then said he will just push stuff off of the bed (which then means I'll have to keep bending over to pick up all of his books--over 100 of them-- off of the floor. So yeah super great help, I could just kick them off of the bed too... am I over reacting? I just need some help! I already did his brakes on his car yesterday so we could save money. Then I asked him to help me pick up the tools when I finished since my back was hurting and he came home acting like it was so much work that he "helped me do the brakes" ughh