Boobs are killing me

My boobs are hurting so bad I can't even lift my arms without wanting to cry. My birth control makes my boobs grow and hurt a little bit every once in a while but this is different. They have never ever hurt this bad. I'm on the verge of tears right now. I'm not pregnant so that's out of the question. 
I'm only 19 so could it just be that they're still growing?  The worst part is close to under my arms. It's like a stabbing/throbbing pain. I can't wear a bra because of the pain, anything touching them hurts. My shirt rubbing against them hurts. You would think pregnancy right? Well I'm on birth control that stops your period for 3 months so missing a period can't be a sign because I have 2 months left. But I went ahead and took 5 tests over a period of a week and all negative. Should I take a trip to a doctor? . (I'm adding on here that they are hot like they have fever in them)