Nervous... 😳😳

So been with my husband 7 years, been trying for baby number 2 for about 2 years. And no luck, my doctor gave me 4% chance of having another since my first was a miracle, and my pregnancy was high risk. So we prayed and I told Hod this is in your hands. My husband is so sweet and supportive but doesn't understand the hope and stress of it all, he says don't worry if it happens it happens. Easier said then done. Well 2 months ago I stopped charting and stressing and I just thought it's not going to happen so why worry about? Well I'm 2 days late and I'm regular every month, but I'm too scared to test waiting for a week late before I even get my hopes up. But it's hard when all you want to do is test and for it to be positive.. Wish my luck it would be a miracle if we can be blessed again.. We have a 5 bedroom 3 full bath home for our growing family. We want a pray for a sibling for our son.. Prayers would be amazing..