Controversial sculpture removed

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So in Grand Rapids, Michigan which is about 30 minutes drive from where I live, they do a very popular art competition called Art Prize. This year it has gone into our local news that a controversial sculpture that was submitted this year has been removed. 
 Above is an image of the sculpture. Symbolic of 9/11 2001 terrorist attack. Here is a bit from the article: 
The piece is called "Paradise Built on the Bones of the Slaughtered." It includes burned copies of several religions' holy texts, attached to two towers.

"The reason I created it is that there has been so much atrocity is in the name of religion. Each one claims to be the right religion, and everyone else is doomed in the eyes of their own god. So, if you're not opening up your holy book and finding out what the true message is from your religion, you might as well burn it." -The artist, Nabil Mousa

Just wondered what you guys think of it. Was it rightfully removed? Or should it be re-installed? Here's a link to the video if you'd like to watch:

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