Faint Lines

So I'm three days late and no sign of AF. VERY sexually active and me and my DP don't use protection. I've been having neasua, headaches, lower back cramps, craving/hunger, fatigue, and I have to pee more than usual. Sometimes it wakes me up so I can go potty. I'm constantly bloated and oh so sleepy. I usally have a high sex drive but now it just comes and gos at random times. We are TTC. I've taken three tests so far and the first two were straight up negative. I took a test today and a faint double line showed up saying that it was possible that I was pregnant... I even had my DP check it after I took it to make sure I wasn't the ONLY one seeing it. I checked it again about ten minutes ago and it showed just negative. On the box it days the results after ten minutes of taking it is not reliable... Was me and my DP just seeing it because we want it to me true or what?