Extremely Happy

So I'm Currently 17. I had my First son when I was 15. Me & My Boyfriend Trevor was together for a Year & A Half before we Conceived him. I felt so Blessed to have got so lucky. When Our son was 11 Months old Trevor left me for another girl who was suppose to be my BestFriend... But We stayed broken up for a Good 6 Months. Now We are back together & on track to a good life. My Son will be 2 in 6 months & I am thinking about #2! 😁 I really loved being pregnant & Raising my son. I truly love my Boyfriend of Almost 4 Years now & I think it will be amazing. My periods just Recently regulated & I am Anxious to start trying. I'm thinking about Jornaling the Journey. I've done did the whole TTC process before which I never thought I could have kids but I kinda just wanna have people on my Journey this time. 😇