How to you all deal with negativity and TTC gossip?

My husband's family is very over involved in each other's lives, and they are not always the nicest people. A couple people in particular have been excluding us because they say they are tired of hearing about how we can't get pregnant again. One of those people even said that I ruined her pregnancy by having a miscarriage right after her baby shower (I didn't even tell her about it, she heard it through the gossip wheel).
Today I posted on my Facebook an article about a study on how many women admit to binge drinking while pregnant. Just a random article I found interesting... Well one of the other insensitive family members commented "you're pregnant now? Awesome now we don't have to hear about your inability to get knocked up anymore." Now I feel I just can't take this anymore.
My husband has tried to talk to them, but there really is no talking to a-holes like this.
After ALL THAT (believe me there is sooooo much more), I'm looking for tips and ideas on how you all deal with negativity and gossip and just generally rude or insensitive comments about your TTC woes. Whether the comments are intentionally rude, or just innocent not knowing do you guys deal?
Also feel free to share your own horror stories hahah! AND baby dust and well wishes to all!! 😊