Bumble 🐝
I'm 10 weeks today and I'm miserable. I've been experiencing intense hives and itching and it's gotten to the point I can hardly sleep. The cause isn't the usual food, environment, soaps/lotions/detergents, pets, stress. The exhaustion is getting so extreme I feel like I'm going to faint, I can barely eat, and I'm  throwing up every time I try to drink water. Even then there's nothing to throw up except water and stomach acid. It's getting worse the further along I get rather then better. I'm so drained I just want to cry, I'm starting to hit a breaking point. 
***Ive tried Benadryl, a variety of allergy medications, and oral steroids along with every home remedy under the sun from oatmeal baths to changing my diet to going away to visit family so my literal environment is different. Nothing has worked.