Rock and play saved my life!

Recently I was rubbing my daughters head and felt the biggest dent in the back. It felt like a crack where the bottom half of her skull and top half of her skull met. I got so scared about it I took her an hour away to the nearest children's hospital. They ran tests and did a CT scan to conclude that she had early stage "flat head syndrome". Thank god that's all it was. Before we left the hospital the nurse stopped me and said her son experienced the same thing and she bought him a rock & play. She also said that his head looked better very soon after laying him in it when he sleeps. I went to Walmart that night and bought one for my daughter at 12 at night! It was only $50. I got home set it up and laid my daughter down for the night. Not only did she sleep all night but when she woke up the next morning you almost couldn't even tell her head had any issues to it. The rock & play has calming vibrations and also is inclined about 40 degrees on its own (which is great for those babies that have reflux, like my daughter). I just thought it would be something for you moms to look into if you've ran into any of the same issues as we have. I had never heard of this rock & play and I'm so thankful to that nurse who saved my sleep and anxiety.