So I have had issues within my marriage and have identified them. Some are my own insecurities but some also stem from my husband. I have read up so much on communication within a marriage and read stuff from marital counseling sites. My husband is not here to actually go to marital counseling at the moment but I really want to when he gets home. I just feel like he doesn't like to communicate with me. I know before I came off as angry and argumentative but I have dealt with that and now I feel I approach it in the correct manner. But he still shuts down anytime I talk to him. I'm tired of small talk and I want to feel like my husband appreciates and wants our marriage to work. More importantly I want to feel like he wants me and is attracted to me still. I don't know what else to do, do you think he just doesn't want to be married anymore? It has crossed my mind but I try not to dwell on cause we're having our 1st child and I'm trying to to stress out. What do you do when your husband just doesn't make you feel loved, wanted, and beautiful anymore. He is well aware of how I feel and the insecurities I had from the time we were dating till the time we got married. Please help, is it worth feeling alone right now?