"Age to lose your virginity" questions

It really bothers me seeing all of these young girls asking what age they should lose their virginity. I understand they are just looking for advice. So I'm going to give mine. There is no right age to lose your virginity. Your virginity DOES NOT HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE. You do not need to lose it by a certain age, I don't care if all of your friends or even your entire school has lost their viriginity already. The right time to lose your viriginity is when YOU are ready.. Not everyone else. When you feel 100% and comfortable, and not a second before. It's a very special thing to lose, and once it's gone YOU CANNOT GET IT BACK. Please wait until you are 100% ready, this age comes differently to everyone. Everyone is different. When you have reached the time in your life when you are mature and comfortable enough to handle sex as well as the risks it comes with.. Then go ahead. I just urge you to wait until you are ready, don't let anyone pressure you. I would also advice you to wait for someone special, who you truly care about and they truly care about you. Someone who deserves it. Don't let some asshole who doesn't care about you take that from you. I lost my viriginity at 16. I thought I was mature enough and ready, which I was. But I lost my viriginity to the WRONG person. Someone who did not deserve that special part of me. Just two years later, I met my amazing husband. I wish I would have waited for him. I just want each of you to really think before you make this decision, it's a big decision to make. You have all the time in the world to have sex, don't be in a hurry to grow up. I'm telling you this because I truly do care about you, each and every one of you. Even though you don't know me and I don't know you. I was a teenager once too, I know exactly what it feels like. The urges, the peer pressure, not knowing what to do, etc. I am not trying to lecture you, nor tell you what to do. Just simply answering your question and giving my personal advice. I figured it would be easier to address you all in one post, rather than try to respond to each and every post. I hope you all see this, and I hope this helps. Do what is right for you (you will know when the time comes), March to the beat of your own drum ladies 😊