Heather • Greyson Benjamin born 4/6/16... Little boy stole my heart 💙
Thought maybe we could share a little about ourselves! I'm Heather.. Ftm at 33. Engaged and soon to be married to Eric, ftd at 31. We are getting married in 10/23/15... Nothing like a wedding and a new pregnancy all at once. We definitely were trying for our little blessing! First month and we got our bfp. Was I ever shocked! It's been a little bumpy of a road for our pregnancy. I had a bleed scare back in September... Everything was alright! First time I got to see the baby. Then we were diagnosed with a blood issue... Anti E antibody. It's something that was caused from a blood transfusion I had back in 2000. Good news is baby is great, I'm great and the specialist seemed very confident things would be great through the pregnancy. Here's to health babies and mommas!!