Does anyone else's husband do this?

My husband has always had a problem with what I eat, he's made it very clear that because I like to eat casseroles, I don't have healthy eating habits. I like vegetables and have no problem eating them. I, recently, found out that I am pregnant. I'm nearly 5 weeks along and lately, I haven't been eating as many vegetables mostly because we don't have them and he won't go to the grocery. I've been eating a lot of homemade salsa, and low fat tortilla chips. Today, I told him I was going to get more chips and some fruits and veggies because we are out. As I was putting on pants, I said that I needed to get new ones because I'm so bloated (I haven't gained any weight, I check my weight every morning) and he proceeded to tell me that maybe if I ate more than chips and cheese that then I wouldn't need bigger pants. It really hurt my feelings, but I can't help it if the sight or thought of certain foods makes me sick. What am I supposed to do? Has anyone else's husband reacted this way? I'm terrified of what he's going to say when I get bigger.