41 weeks

I'm tired. I give up. I can't do this. I'm a week past my due date and if one more person reminds me that this is common for FTM's I might scream. I keep coming on Glow for support but having a hard time finding anyone going through the same experience. The waiting game has been torture. My hormones keep getting the best of me. I keep feeling like every time I leave the house it might be when it happens or I need to bring everything with me for the hospital just in case. I've been waiting on the edge of my seat since I hit 38 weeks and now I just feel defeated. I get down on myself because my attitude is so moody and I know I'm supposed to be so excited for this to happen at any moment. Friends and family ask me if the baby has arrived but then the conversation stops there when I say no updates. They're only interested in baby news not how I'm doing. But I'm tired. And I'm done.