Sooo annoyed..SO just came home..

Ok Soo I'm VERY annoyed my SO and I got into an argument earlier today he totally go nasty with me since he's stressed and wants to take it out on me. He called and after work and apologized said he was on his way home so we can "Make Up" and talk it out. He JUST NOW CAME HOME!! I've been waiting on him since 9.. Instead he went to meet his brother and got drunk and lord only knws what else.. SO he comes home eats and passes out in bed...No biggie.. Atleast he came home.. BUT!! He's snooring UNCONTROLLABY LOUD!!😵(Which ALWAYS happens when he drinks) But not this bad!! Or loud!!I can't even watch a movie and try to fall asleep.. Its kinda funny but Soo annoying.. Normally when he starts snooring I just give him a little nudge and he rolls on his left side and instantly stops snooring.. Thats not an option tonight.. I tried to wake him up to possibly talk about earlier... He's out cold... I can't even roll him over... So I'm beyond ready to just go to my Big Comfy Couch and sleep downstairs Would I be wrong?? He'll be upset in the am.. But right about now I just can't deal. Any ideas or advice!?!? Please vote either way!!

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