Does anyone know what's happening to me?

So since getting off the pill I haven't had a period. In September I did the ovulation tests and I was getting the flashing ☺ for 9 days in a row and when I ran out I thought I bought the same tests but I got the dye tests and the first 3 that I took of those were low fertility. And we bd every night just in case. I dk if I ovulated or not and one of the days that I got the flashing ☺ I had some bleeding when I went to the bathroom and I also had major cramps for 2 days and since then I have had cramps every day, I am bloated all the time, my back hurts and it seems like I am going to the bathroom more and I was constipated which never happens. I have taken lots of pt all negative and the doctor did a test too and it was negative. Could I be pregnant or what? I think I am about 22 dpo ( thats from the last day of flashing ☺) does anyone know what could be wrong with me? I know my body and it's not acting normal.