Would you message her?

So my partner constantly says he wants me to meet his parents. Then the day before he says 'oh I have to work' or 'such and such happened' so we postpone it. Then he comes over and says his daughters mother wants to meet me because I'm around his child. I'm starting to doubt any of this is actually true and he's stringing me along because he knows I'll leave if our relationship isn't going somewhere serious. So I was thinking about sending his ex wife a message on facebook saying 'Steve said you wanted to meet me, I'm free on Thursday if you'd like?'

I want to send it simply to see if she says 'ok great' or if she says 'i have no idea who you are or what your talking about' basically I want to see if he's lying to me.

Basically he has said he wants me to come to his parents house on Friday so I dont know whether to wait and see if he cancels it again. . For the 3rd time. Would you message her?

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