Mommy List Prayer


Just wanted to share a prayer poem I wrote that may help others who feel as I do at times.

"Mommy List Prayer"

O Lord protect my heart from this pain deep within my soul. For you are the only one who could ever know.

Oh Lord I know that you would never put too much in my hands tho it feels like at times I can't keep a fist.

Oh lord how i pray for your joyful mist.

One from glory and up above and one that surely requires a mothers love.

O lord how i feel your purpose for me and my life.

A woman, a christian, and as a wife.

My ears and heart open for your next lesson just for me.

Just hope we are on the same page lord, cause a Mother is what I yearn to be.

O lord i say im grateful for every moment given. Another prayer I say is all the worth liven.

Til next time O Lord i pray to You, with open hearted tears of pain, when you make your "mommy list" please put my name.


Sarah S Steele