The only thing you'll ever need to know.

Rayyy • Due end of April!
Ok. This is going to be the worlds biggest rant. This means so much to me. 
Being prego and constantly sick there are few things in life I now like to eat. VERY FEW. 
I had a hankering for the best Mac and Cheese I ever ate. There was a small restaurant in Chicago I used to frequent. It has the holy grail of Mac and cheese. 
I moved to Las Vegas about a year ago and I can't stop craving it these last few weeks. I finally got the balls to literally pick up the phone and beg for the recepie. Yeah. Really. The closest way to explain this recepie is it kinda tastes like Panera Mac and cheese but exactly 4843885 times better. 
I think I sounded desperate because they gave it to me. I immediately went to the store and bought said ingredients. 
 PURE HEAVEN!!! OMG. It's so creamy yet bland am enough for my tummy. I literally couldn't wait for the hubby to try it. 
He tried it and said it was good but he prefers baked mac and cheese!!!! Baked???! Baked?!??? You think after 5 years you know a person. Apparently not. Who the hell likes dried out crunchy congealed Mac and Cheese??!?! 
Who??? I'll tell you who! Monsters. 
How can you even call that casserole of dried out broken apart noodles Mac and cheese??? YOU CANT. 
I've never come clean about this before. But I hate it. Every Christmas or potluck SOMEONE brings their "famous" baked Mac. 
I'm making a stand.
A statement. 
Listen up. 
It's not Mac and cheese. Stop fooling yourself. Mac and cheese needs to be CREAMY. 
This is the end of my public service announcement. Go in peace and see that creamy Mac and cheese is the only way.