Being woken in the middle of the night with terrible pain to my ear!!!

Ali • Married to my Best friend and soulmate, 3 children, and recently found out we've been blessed with #4 due May 2016!!
This is very odd and I've not been able to find much research on it except an old post on a pregnancy forum. Each night since I found out about being pregnant I've been sleeping on my left side. Well a few hours after falling asleep I'll wake up with this tremendous pain in my ear, more the outter ear, not like an ear infection...and its sooooo painful I have to slowly move my head away from my pillow, and I mean slowly bc the pain is so bad. This does not happen to my other ear when I lay on my left side, and has only started since I've become pregnant (put 2 and 2 together after finding out about the pregnancy)....does anyone else experience this? The pain is horrible, only last for about 15 minutes once it wakes you up but it's not a very nice feeling to be woken up to and really messes with my sleep!!! Please tell me I'm not the only weird one out here experiencing this!