Long rant 😁😁😁

Rebecca • Engaged to the ❤️ of my life... Had our sweet baby girl April 20, 2015 😊
This is just rant so for warning 😁
I've been in this relationship for a little over 2 years and from my past I have major trust issues that are staring to get to my SO. I'm going to see a therapist for it. But some things that drive me crazy about him are he is always sarcastic I mean always!! His aunt the other day was like your so lucky that you have her and his response in front of his family was like if you ever knew!! Really?!?! Made me feel like shit. We never go out and do anything dinner park etc.... I'm a stay at home mom to our 6 month old and literally never do nothing. I'm just so tired of feeling this way and unappreciated that idk what to do anymore.