Feeling like the worst wife.


I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and maybe are the hormones or just me, but I have been feeling like a bitch, my husband is so sweet with me (sometimes) I don't work, so I spent the whole day alone, the weekends is when my husband is here, to make this short, the only day that we spent together is Saturday, Sunday we go to church, then he goes to play frisbee with his friends for like 3 hours and we are in football season... Today, I was crying when he was living, I told him that was just the pregnancy, in the evening he tried to gave me a back massage and I didn't wanted, so I got mad a him, I went to the kitchen and he went to play video games, I went to bed and I cried for an hour, I was trying to pretend that I was sleeping when he came to bed, but I felt so bad, I apologize with him, sometimes I am so mean with him, and he never say something, I always apologize with him. My humor have been changing a lot since I got pregnant. Is that what hormones does with us??

We talked about what happened and we ended having sex... which was great 😁