Just need to vent!!

I'm so frustrated and slightly confused.. I am on Clomid this is the 2nd cycle with it the first one I had 5 pos OPKs in a row (5 days) ended up missing the actual day I guess bc AF showed. I took it CD5-9 and got a pos OPK CD10 bc the ap told me it was fertile week and to start testing it was positive that day and the next day but after researching found out you shouldn't test until at least 3 days after Clomid. So I waited and tested the last couple days all negative and yesterday my cervix was soft and felt open and today it's very very firm and definitely closed...(tmi) and I had EWCM yesterday and watery CM today feel like maybe we already missed it but we BDed every other day since AF. My body is confusing me and I just needed to get it off my chest. Thank you if anyone else is frustrated I'm down to read your vent posts lol ttc can be so stressful baby dust to everyone !!