Okay so. Hi ☺️👋🏼 
I'm wanting a baby & I think I might be pregnant but idk for sure. I have been having symptoms like nausea( not puking tho ), tender beasts/ nipples also tingly nipples, really tired, sometimes bloating bad( one time it was so bad I looked 5 months pregnant ) , back ache, also like " implantation cramping "
My last period was September 12, 2015.  
I had un-protected sex on Septmeber 26, 2015. Also on October 2,3, & 4th of 2015. ( all times he didn't pull out )
I was supposed to get my period October 9, 2015. But got it on October 7, 2015. But here's the catch.. It wasn't heavy at all except once which wasn't even heavy. Then the rest really light & pink. Kinda like spotting. But my period is usually 7-8 days. But this one was 3. I don't even call it my period. 
I wanna test soon. Probably Friday ( 10-16-15 ).  Would you guys say I'm pregnant?? Cause my boyfriend thinks I'm pregnant, his step mom does too. Also some of my friends think I am as well.