First time in the gym since babyloss

Jess • I wear lots of hats.

Hello ladies,

Ive been.floating around tgis room for some time and i decided to share my story for infant and.pregnancy loss awareness month...

My husband and I tried for 8 months to get pregnant with our first.. He was our little.miracle because we were just referred to a reproductive endocrinologist. To see what could be the problem if there was any.. We got pregnant right before our appointment amd all was rig g t with the world... On July 30 i started spotting bright red.. The doctors werent concerned but i begged to be seen anyways... Theu discovered that my cervix was open and i was suffering from a chorioamneoncentisis infection... Unfortunately they couldnt treat the infection as the body had already put itself into labor to rid the infection.. My son was born July 31 at 10:10pm at 22w5d gestation.. He took one big boy breath and that was it... I fell into a deep depression with my husband... We both became inactive and didnt want to do anything... We felt our hopes and dreams were over at the loss of our son and we would just fall into the depths of dispare and be comforted there... I gained 30 pounds on top of the 20 pounds of baby weight... Now topping my heaviest at 290..

Yesterday I biked Creeper Trail in Virginia... I biked 18 miles in 3.5 hours with my family... Me!... I felt amazing and triumphant i would whisper my sons name going down the mountain and cry because i was able to breath again... Today was my first day back in the gym since our loss in July... I jogged/walked 2 miles and biked 4.5.. Burned 500 calories... Ate nuts and salad and dried fruits today and drank 8 liters of water.... This is the best emotionally and physically i have felt since the worst day of my life... And the love of my life, my darling husband is doing it too... We are doing it for ourselves.. Andbeing the earthly parents my son in the beond deserves...

Happy pregnancy loss awareness month..