My labor and delivery story

It was Thursday morning Been getting  what so felt like cramps didn't think of it much as I thought it was Braxton hicks. They stopped for a while and later on that day around 8 I was asleep and suddenly stood up because I felt in intense pain.I took some tea to relax the pain and it didn't work the pains were 20 min apart ( still thinking it was Braxton hicks) trying to sleep at night around 3 am they were about 10 min apart the pain wasn't so bad I could still handle it . Me : "are Braxton hicks suppose to hurt ?!" It was around 6am still no sleep and the pain was still going on not as bad me: "maybe these are contractions ??" . At about 8am the pains were 2-3 min apart me: "okay let me call my doctor these CONTRACTIONS hurt" . Hubby rushed me to the hospital as my husband was driving the pains got worse felt as if I needed to poop. Got to labor and delivery room, first nurse checked to see how many centimeters I was dilated she said about 6 but wasn't "sure". Second nurse checked, no you're 9cm dilated your having this baby now !. Me and hubby were shocked ! Because baby girl isn't suppose to Come for another month . As a first time mom at that moment I'm in shock, nervous , and in pain. The nurse told me to do a practice push so I did and she smiles said I was doing a good job . I kept pushing 3 more times and the last one I gave it my all ! Felt like I took the biggest shit ever ! And out went my baby girl 😊. Hubby said I took it like champ with no epidural nothing ! All natural just like I planned .