Need some help?

Maybe ypu can tell me it is normal, past three teo days i had a bad burnig feeling in my vagina, it hurt even more sfter sex, and i do not has sex often at all so it been awile. I a married so i am only sleeping with my husband. I went to my dr the next day to do a urine test, everyting came
Out okay, no uti no nothing. Makes no sence like even when i walked it brned like crazy, andni was peeing a lot, and also having tight pressure where my uterus is. Well i already jad a panal done couple weeks ago and that came out good. So sje said if it got worse before my next apt to call back. I got home that day was drinking extra water with cranberry juice in it, the burning went away. For the whole day, but i had a lot of pressure and tightness where my uterus is down lower tummy. I figured the baby is growing right? Well last night after i went to gp pee their was a little burning im my vagina, and still pressure/fullness/tightness feeling in the lower part of tummy. Did anyone get this before can it be normal? Im sure its just the baby growing but can the hurning be normal i have no
Idea they said i was fine but damn does ease my mind. This morning no burning so far, still have some tightness and pressure their.