I don't get it.

I'm 23 weeks pregnant. My baby daddy left when I was 17 weeks. He got a gf 3 days before he finally left. But here we are he's calling me a hoe because I told him I had a friend over when he asked what I was up to.  That friend just got married so he's off limits. He kept calling me a hoe, slut, loose goose(diff story when he's trying to get laid), and more. What I don't understand is if he was truly happy with his girl he wouldn't be calling me names and worrying about who I'm around. I begged for my family for a month, I'm over that now. Because he kept calling me names when I know I'm not I told him I would show him a hoe and messaged a dude making plans to chill Monday. He moved on I should be able to too. Or am I wrong?