My crazy life!!

Christy • 34 Married to my best friend ttc #1 together
Lol. Me and dh left the house at 1:30 this afternoon. Had a 30minute round trip to pick up his check. We were going to go cash his check, grab a bite to eat then pick up his kids from school at 3:15. Their school is typically 20-25minutes for our house. No biggy. Well...we get halfway there...and for those of you that live in Texas. .we live in Navarro county...anyway..halfway there..interstate shut down. Had to weave our way all the way to southwest side of the county..have his ex wife's mom pick up kids from school finally meet her to get them around 4:00. Then head back south to home...we got home a little after 6:00...again..typically a 20-25minute drive!!! Water standing on the mom had to pick up my girls because they made all the buses return the kids to their schools due to flooding and we couldn't get back across town to get them... we get home, I cook, we watch a ...everyone is asleep and the creek beside our house has decided to come out of the banks...when dh built the pad for our house, he raised it up above the road about 200yds from us so we will be ok...but I can't help but worry...I won't be sleeping tonight.