Am I doing something wrong here? Rant / Encouragement / Hope.

Brittney • Brittney, 20, Aries. ❤️
I go to one of the best Schools in the country. It has many branch campuses &  then the main campus. From my understanding Most people do two years at branch campuses &  2 years at main &  that essentially the branch campuses only goal is to push you to main campus. I am a student with a disability, I went to two different branch campuses &  now I'm at the main campus completely on my own. I'm a junior which means I'm finally in my major courses, but I've been completely exhausted and feel like I have no time for myself. It seems no matter how hard I work I can't pull the grades I want all of the sudden, I found clubs I adored and things I really like to do around here I no longer have time to do. I don't have a resume or anything put together though I'm working on it and I started looking at internships as well. We're about half way through the semester at this point and I feel like I've done and accomplished nothing even though I've worked my ass off I feel like I'm completely failing &  I'll never get anything done. I don't even have everything sorted out with my major yet. I just feel like I'm at a complete loss. They say this is normal for transfer students coming to main campus for the first time. I haven't heard anyone else talk about this. Maybe I thought I'd be immune. I don't know what to do anymore or if It'll get better.