Ring on a string😄

Melanie • I'm Melanie(27) & mommy to 3 precious boys 👬👶💙 Currently trying for baby #4. Our final precious addition to our Fam❤️
Okay ladies this is crazy. So I just watched a youtube video where someone holds a ring on a string above there wrist and it told them each gender of their babies. So I thought shoot why not. I'm officially freaked out lol. I have 2 boys and am pregnant with our 3rd. The ring swung up and down then stopped then up and down again and stopped and then in a big circle and stopped and did nothing after that!! Up and down means boy and circle means girl. Not sure about this one yet but it definitely got my boys right!! What weird me out is how it just stops and starts again! Wth lol. Has anyone else done this?